Riot Games has developed several multiplayer games, League of Legends is probably the most famous. League of Legends is a great game; you can play this without issue or experiencing any bugs while playing the game. The most important thing about this game is you need a good internet connection to play the game. As it is a multiplayer game and you have to perform many tasks while playing the game, so a stable connection is a necessity. Despite all these features and facilities, you can face some difficulties. If you are an Avast user and due to some wrong connection or settings, you may often face Avast blocking League of Legends.

Why Is Avast Blocking League Of Legends?

Antivirus programs are generally used to block any malware and virus attack in your device. Malware and viruses mostly sneak in from the internet. In this case, as the internet is the key to run League of Legends, Avast may consider some actions as a thread for your system. There may be various of reasons for which Avast block the game, and you encountered Avast blocking League of Legends error message. The reasons are as follows:

  • Due to outdated Avast Antivirus software.
  • Corrupted system files of LoL.
  • Sometimes virus and malware may also create this kind of problem in your system.

The Avast blocking League of Legends problem is not a fatal error; you can fix the issue quickly. If you are facing some difficulties while doing the job, then you can follow this article. From the article, you can gather some ideas on how to fix the issue.

Easy Hacks To Fix Avast Blocking League Of Legends

For every problem, there are some solutions. For this problem, there are also quite a few easy hacks. Here we are going to discuss some easy ways to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Restore System Files

System files are the key to any application. If there is any problem in these files, then you can face some trouble. Sometimes Avast may consider some of the LoL’s system files as malware and block them. To fix the issue, open the Avast antivirus program and click on the Protection option.

Here, you’ll find Virus Chest. Now restore every file by selecting them together. After that, you can enjoy your game smoothly.

Solution 2: Add LoL As Exclusion

If you add any application or any file as an exclusion to Avast antivirus, then it will not scan or interfere with the application’s process. So, you can add the LoL as an exclusion application and fix the issue. To do that, open Avast antivirus and select the Virus & threat Protection option. After that, you can see Exclusion and add LoL application here.

Solution 3: Update Avast Antivirus

Sometimes you may face the problem due to outdated or corrupted Avast antivirus software. This outdated software doesn’t have enough information about the latest codes, and hence they block them.

Solution 4: Reinstall League Of Legends

If the problem lies into the LoL application’s system files, then it is difficult to fix. In that case, there is one way to fix the issue.

You need to uninstall the game from your system. After uninstalling the game download new latest and updated LoL system files and install them to play the game smoothly.

Contact Us For Effective Fixes: Avast Customer Service

In any case, if you are still encountering the problem with your system then you need some other ways to fix the issue. For that reason, you can connect to Avast Customer Service and opt for expert assistance. They are always ready to help you out from the problem related to Avast.

Our technicians are well aware of how to fix the issue as quickly. To avail our services call us at Avast Support. Or you can also register your problem at the official email address. You can avail their services at any time 24*7 and a reasonable price.